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~ news / in production ~

3/17/15 - Shooting a Hot Pocket spot with Julian Smith on the Alexa XT. Mark "Chief" Meyers on steadi
and 1st AC Evan Wilhelm keeping us sharp. Check out Julian's YouTube channel juliansmith87^

3/15/15 - Just wrapped a 2-day commercial Simon Vallejo for a new 3D printer soon to hit the market.
The client was just as enthusiastic of our 6k RED Dragon camera as we were of the resolution of their new 3D Printer! ^

2/25/15 - Shooting pickups for a Sean Jean commercial dir by Nabil with Puff Daddy on the Alexa XT. ^

3/12/15 - Uploaded a couple screen grabs from the short film "Before Your Eyes" dir. by A Martinez.
It was a challenging shoot, having had over 20 actors and 25+ pages to do in a weekend but
we got it done! check it out > BYE <

2/25/15 - Prepping the steadicam shot for new R&B/pop artist LaBritney. ^

2/01/15 - Moved into a new shop near downtown Burbank. If you are looking for a Dragon or Alexa XT package,
drop a line >> www.infamouspro.com and rentals@infamouspro.com

9/24/14 - The sci-fi film "Envoy" directed by David Weinstein made it's world premiere today on youtube.
For how tight of a budget it was, it's quite amazing what we pulled off. Watch it HERE